September 7, 2011

Sunday Excursion-Bahrs & Sickles Market

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BahrsThe sky was blue and the ocean was sparkling for my Sunday excursion with NJ Wild friend Carolyn Edelmann over Labor Day weekend.  She’s been raving for years about Bahrs Landing restaurant, right on the water with spectacular views and a big dock where you can pull in to fill up your tank - yours and your boat’s!  It is located in Highlands/Sandy Hook, tucked in back of the very dramatic new $128 million Highlands bridge. 

You may think it crazy (traffic-wise) to Bahrs Belly Clamsplan a one-day shore area excursion over Labor Day weekend, but Sunday is kind of an in-between day and traffic was light throughout our trip. 

I’d emailed ahead, using the contact address on Bahrs’ website, since their phone was out of order after Irene’s visit, and owner Jay Cosgrove emailed me right back to say they’d reopened Wednesday night. Now he’s considering buying a generator, so the restaurant, which is open year round, doesn’t have to close for lack of power again.)

Bahrs scallopsI was thrilled to have my favorite shore dish, fried belly clams (above). These were outstanding, very light and delicate.  To the left, you see Carolyn’s scallops, pan seared to order (usually they are broiled or deep-fried.)  Our entrees came with feather light biscuits, too, you see the last one in the basket in front of the scallops.  Also, note the extra lemon wedges, no miserly little slices here. 

Usually lunch would be followed by a visit to Sandy Hook Park, but our time was limited, so instead we headed for stop # 2 - Sickles Market in Little Silver, another foodie destination I’d heard about for years.  If I’d been hungry when I walked in the door, I’d have been in real trouble; as it was, I was just in moderate trouble. Excellent almond croissants, a nice little quiche, whole-grain mustard and caramel sauce….Jersey peaches and corn, stinky cheeses, some Rick Bayless Mexican Mix Granola - yes, really - it contains puffed amarenth, honey, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon and cacao nibs. Should be interesting.

Over the years Carolyn has shared some wonderful destinations with me; her passion for New Jersey’s great outdoors (especially birds) is wonderful!  Carolyn, THANK YOU!

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  1. Faith, this is practically a haiku of our day. Masterfully done! You captured the luminosity (tho we cannot share flavors and textures) of our delightful plain summer seafood feast.

    I’ll never get over the calm professionalism of management in Sickles. Despite big sign reading “WE HAVE POWER” out at the street, — as we walked in, lights flickered significantly. I heard one mgr. say to another, “We’re on generator,” and give the freezer’s temperature. They were all so serene, in that packed market, that center of excellence. We heartily wished them well. It’s also a market known for community service.

    I’m so glad you finally gave in, savoring Bahrs with me. First but not last, right?



    Comment by Carolyn Edelmann — September 12, 2011 @ 3:30 pm

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